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Our projects are nothing without your support. Breeders, this site is the perfect haven to advertise your kennel. The library maintains good search engine ranking, and we endeavor to make it a one-stop reference library of information about the breed, breeders, health resources, and more.

Interested in helping out? Choose one of the options below.

Sponsor Ad, Monthly

$25/month - Runs for at least 1 month; Our large ad appears in the sidebar section of subsequent pages after the home page with a photo and includes kennel name & contact info (name, website, location, phone, and/or email). Design is included in your sponsorship.

  • hint : schedule in advance so your spotlight shows up when you have puppies planned
  • don't forget to note which month(s) you'd like to be featured with
  • be sure to change the quantity to increase the number of months sponsored
  • month(s) sponsored

Spotlight Ad, Annual

$15/year - Ad will be located in the “find one” section of the main website under breeders. The spotlight ad appears toward the top of the page, sorted alphabetically, and includes direct link to your website and a photo. Design is included with your sponsorship.

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Sponsor Only, Annual

$15/year - Still want to support the project, but don't have anything to advertise? This option is for you.

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Profile Breeder, Quarterly

$100/quarter. Runs for 3 months (1 calendar quarter); 1 slot available per quarter. Appears on the homepage of the website with a large photo (570x300); includes detail description and contact information + up to 3 additional photos on “read more” profile page. Contact for more detail information and future reservations. [CONTACT]

  • 1st Qtr 2018 - available
  • 2nd Qtr 2018 - available
  • 3rd Qtr 2018 - available
  • 4th Qtr 2018 - available

Stud Gallery

  • Looking for more information about our featured Stud Gallery? [GO HERE]


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